The Water Spa & Mountain Lodge is set at Camp Muir site (elevation of over 3050m) in Mount Rainier, WA, USA. One of the most intriguing parts about building a spa so high in the mountain is the actual demonstration of man’s will and capability of achieving the impossible. If we can build in such harsh conditions, the human endeavors of this project should rather be shown and exposed than hidden.

The building should be situated in the eastern part of Camp Muir in order to create a counter point of the western high geological formations and to provide a feeling of protection and overlooking of the current camp site. In that way, a gateway space is formed on the route to the summit of Mount Rainer, and the spa becomes a focal point when climbing the mountain. The visitors in the spa are exposed both to the panoramic view below them and the path of the climbers to the peak.

On the first main floor is situated the lobby area, tv loundge, and the most important part of the building – the spa, which is in a double height space area with a great panorama view. The second floor consists of 3 staff rooms, kitchen and dining area overlooking the spa below it. The third floor includes all the guest suites. The interior wall and floor materials follow their equivalent exterior materials of wood and steel, and thus create a consistent inside and outside space.


  • Fundaments consist of concrete great beams and slabs, as well as deep piles.
  • The main bearing structure is made of prefabricated steel beams, columns, and trusses, which are transported in pieces with a helicopter.
  • The floors are glued wooden slabs, that also provide horizontal stability of the steel structure.
  • The exterior walls are made of SIP panels with alluminium or wooden rainscreen finish. The panels are with 12” insulation, which contributes to overall energyefficiency of the building.

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