The project for passive office building participated in the 2009′ annual national student competition for energy efficient architecture, organized by Saint- Gobain Isover, and was nominated in the short list. The building is situated in Sofia near the South Park To the east and west, there are highly urbanized residential areas and busy streets, while to the south there is a beautiful view to Vitosha Mountain and the South Park. Hence, the main concept was derived: using massive concrete finish on the eastern and western facades, where it corresponds to the urban environment and blocks the street noise, and in the other direction (north-south) using wood, which gives a closer feeling to the nature and the park. In addition, the side view of the building looks like a rock and a mountain, and thus resembles Vitosha mountain. On the southern facade there is 85cm high “Trombe-Michelle” accumulative wall, that stores heat during winter, while in the summer the wooden sun shades are unfolded and protect from the sun heat. The building also shelters a small green garden, which is incorporated in the passive ventilation system.

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