The gallery is near a busy boulevard, not far away from the Central Sofia Market Hall. Archeological remains from a Roman bath house are found in the basement of the building and are incorporated in the building. The gallery is designed on several levels with a large void in the middle, which hints that the exhibition continues to the upper floors. The administration is placed in the marginal areas. On the top floor there is a restaurant and an open terrace with a great view to the city. The exterior architectural image is both sensitive to the nearby historical environment and at the same time shows attitude towards contemporary art and design. The main facade surface is designed with similar materials, facade treatment and windows to the buildings that it has direct contact with, while the middle part is designed with an expressive console volume with a curtain wall of sun-shading folding textiles. The diverse and changing positions of the sun shades and the possibility for different colors and advertisements add a contemporary look to the building.

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