Residential Building in Malinova Dolina, Sofia

The building consists of five residential floors, ground floor with public services and an underground parking. Each residential floor has a variety of one-room, two-rooms and three-rooms apartments, as well as two small offices in the northern part of the building. The ground floor is pierced with two passages that give a direct access to the inner park, as well as to the main entrances to the residential areas of the building. The underground level is naturally ventilated through where small trees are planted crowns get on the horizon of the street passers-by and create a pleasant feeling for natural environment in the city. This effect is additionally supported by the design. The main used material is wood, which gives the necessary coziness to one residential building. The  construction of the  balconies  is emphasized and brought in front of the main volume. It creates a uniform frame of the exterior composition. In addition, the construction also provides sun shade in the summer and it can support vertical green vegetation.

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