Suggest your vision for changing the facade that we have chosen into a piece of art.


The main used materials in the project for facade renovation are typical for the traditional Bulgarian architecture: stone, wood and white plaster. In order to reach the current high standards for energy efficiency, the facade system Ceretherm with at least 10 cm thermal insulation is used. In addition, photovoltaic and vacuum tube solar panels for producing electricity and heating water are installed on the balcony railings.

In order to convert the facade into a piece of art, an elaborate sculpture installation is placed on a light steel frame. It adds a modern futuristic look to the traditional facade materials on the background. Because the building is situated on one of Sofia’s main streets and easily catches passengers’ attention, the futuristic sculpture is a suitable place, on which advertisements can be applied. In that way, all the necessary finances for renovating the facade would be covered.

The curtain wall is supported by a light metal bars, on which the advertisements are attached. The only windows that are covered by the additional construction are of the staircase. In order to still have visibility, the advertisements are made of semi-translusuent textile, which allows light inside. For a more attractive effect an additional night lighting is added.

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