The house is designed with two main levels and two middle levels, providing a vivid interior space. The first floor consists of a large living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a study room and a garage. The lowest level is the place for leisure time activities and has a bar with a small wine-cellar, billiard, a fire place and a grand piano. Above them, there is a level with the children’s play corner, children and guest bedrooms. On the top level are the parents master bedrooms, as well as a small fitness and sauna. The different functional groups are separated by a central staircase and a winter green garden. They differentiate all zones in the house, but still keep visual contact between them and provide a sense of sheerness and open space. In that way for instance, the children’s play corner is isolated, but still the parents have visual connection with the children, while the parents are resting in the living room or on the gallery above it in front of the master bedroom.

The architectural exterior image is designed to be simple and contemporary with straight lines and cubic shape forming, combined with traditional for Bulgaria materials, such as wood, stone and white plaster. Similar materials are used in the interior, as well, in order to keep an integral and uniform look of the house. The central green garden is stressed with a futuristic glass sculpture form, showing the heart of the house. The green garden is used also for storing heat during winter. For that purpose, a special accumulative stone “Trombe-Michelle” wall, which provides heat to the main spaces of the house. In the summer the house is cooled by exterior movable sun screen panels and passive ventilation through the green garden.

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